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  • Is there a discount for AARP, AAA, & Costco?

    Unfortunately as of now, we do not offer discounts through AARP, AAA, & Costco.

  • How old do I need to be to rent a Passenger Van, ProCamp, or Cargo Van?

    For our Passenger vans, cargo van, and ProCamp Vans, drivers must be 25 with a minimum of 3 years driving experience, and provide full coverage insurance that will cover the rental in the case of an accident and a credit card.

  • Do you accept insurance off of Credit Cards?

    We do not take insurance off of credit cards, such as AMEX or Costco. We also do not sell insurance or any waivers at this point.

  • What if I am an International driver looking to rent?

    For our international drivers, all driver’s licenses must be in English and they need to provide a international drivers’ permit.

  • Do you offer one way rentals?

    We do not offer one way rentals.

  • What are the cancellation terms for a rental?

    We have a 5 day cancellation policy, that is at no charge. After 5 days prior to the scheduled pick up date is a 25% charge for the cancellation. So if you cancel 3 days prior to pick up, the 25% of the rental would be charged.

  • How much is the average rental vehicle per day?

    Rental rates start at $84/day and top out at $220/day plus tax. Recreational rental vehicles have an additional required $149 cleaning fee. * pricing can increase around the holidays due to demand*

  • Is there a cost per mile?

    Van Horn Rental offers UNLIMITED MILEAGE on all vehicles. Only pay the daily rate/gas and you are good to go.

  • If I am coming from the Sheboygan airport can I rent a car through Van Horn?

    Yes. Van Horn will personally pick you up from the Sheboygan County Airport and bring you to our rental location where we will find the perfect vehicle for all your travel needs.

  • When I drop my rental vehicle off, how can I get back to the airport?

    Van Horn will accommodate you with a ride back to the airport after a successful drop off of the rental vehicle.

  • Are all vehicles pet friendly?

    We currently do not have any pet friendly vehicles. 

  • Is it worth getting rental insurance?

    Full coverage is required by the customer for ALL rentals.

  • Can I rent a vehicle by the week or for long periods of time?

    Every 28 days a new rental agreement would need to be signed.

  • How long do rental days occur?

    Our rental days run on 24 hours, meaning if a customer picks up at 9am, it needs to be back at 9am on the return date, in order to not incur an extra day.

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